I thought of technology in nature


I’m Seok-jun Choi, a CEO of LEOTEK

The past 20th century was an era of growth-centered petrochemistry, however, 21st century is the era of Green Ocean to create a new added value with a competition element of environment-friendly value.

We, LEOTEK, are continuously developing the products with the convergence of objects and IT based on the management policy of environment-friendly value.

LEOTEK was founded in 2004 and ever since, has actively participated to multiple national R&D projects until now.

Through this, the excellent technology of LEOTEK has been recognized in wireless communication technology field including 424MHz, ZigBee, UWB (Ultra Wide Band), SUN (Smart Utility Network),

and has developed and commercialized the latest technologies comparing with any competing companies by leading the development of LPWAN technology for implementing IoT.

Based on such technologies, LEOTEK has commercialized the water control system to control water efficiently in Korea which is designated as a country in water shortage by UN, and such system has excellent evaluations in operation from multiple local governments.

In addition, LEOTEK has been grown as a company manufacturing environment-friendly valued products contributing to the improvement of human life quality by measuring the indoor/outdoor air quality as well as fine particulate matter, TVOC, CO2, temperature & humidity through an environment sensor.

The environment is the life. It is always with us even when we are breathing, drinking water, and dying.

As an entrepreneur, I think making the products with the responsibility is the most important value in preserving the environment.

I hope LEOTEK become a company of co-existing of people & environment and growing with the whole staff looking over the same future even though we grow more slowly.

I will create and lead to a company which its talents feel the happiness. I promise to grow LEOTEK to become a dynamic company which consumers, staff, stockholders, and communities are all satisfactory as the one emphasizing the talents, putting the quality first, and keeping the promises with customers.

Thank you for your concerns and supports all the times.