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Leo Tech Co., Ltd. .. Water meter remote meter reading system ‘Young Power’


“Ding Dong! The water meter came out. ”

This voice, which is quite familiar to us, is being forgotten from when. In the early 2000s, as the remote meter reading technology for tap water was developed, it was piloted and started to be fully activated.

Leo Tech Co., Ltd. (Representative Choi Suk Joon), which has been showing ‘Young Power’ in this field, has not been established for less than two years, but its history is only a figure. This is because Leotec Co., Ltd. is a promising company that is targeting the niche with specialized technology. The company, which developed a self-meter reading system using PDA, overcame the handicap, which is a late buyer, and tightened existing companies. The products of RheoTech Co., Ltd., which obtained utility model registration and product type certification for the PDA water meter inspection system last year, are currently installed successfully in Uijeongbu, Yangju and Dongducheon.

LeoTech Co., Ltd. is also proud of its industrial remote control system and SI (System Integration) solution development business that can automatically compile and analyze the field information in real time. This sector is a ‘battlefield without gunfire’ in which there is a fierce competition among companies with a large market size and high possibility of future growth. The company filed a patent for the industrial remote control wireless electric system last year, registered the utility model, and prevailed the advantageous position in the market. As a result, we are ready to compete and enter the race to become the best in the industry.

Leo Tech Co., Ltd. has selected 2006 as a stepping stone for the company and plans to revitalize each business and increase sales by more than 300%. In addition, we are establishing a local corporation in the UAE and Saudi Arabia with the aim of developing domestic and foreign markets by securing researchers and financial specialists. We are maintaining technical cooperation with Kent Metas Co., Ltd.

“We are doing our utmost to improve our technology so that we can invest more than 30% of our sales in R & D,” said Choi Seok-joon, CEO of SMEs. “We will continue to grow steadily through our niche strategy targeting waterworks and power plants.” His goal is not only to be the best in Korea but also to be the best in the world.

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